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BIGTREETECH BTT Pi is a single-board computer (SBC) with performance comparable to the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Its compact size and powerful processing capabilities provide a reliable and robust platform for makers and DIY enthusiasts to bring their ideas to life. The BTT Pi comes pre-configured with Klipper firmware, ensuring a hassle-free setup and optimal hardware compatibility. The collaboration between BIGTREETECH and Klipper makes firmware usage more convenient for 3D printing enthusiasts, contributing to an enhanced printing experience. Leveraging the Klipper firmware, the BTT Pi enables users to enjoy faster print speeds, exceptional print quality, and advanced features, striving to bring more possibilities to the 3D printing industry and driving technological advancements in 3D printers for increased speed, quality, and simplicity.


  • Faster and more stable operating experience
    Efficiently operate a Linux system, supporting Debian and programmability. 
  • Supporting Klipper firmware, extensive software and technical documentation support.
    The BIGTREETECH team provides pre-configured Klipper firmware to ensure no hardware compatibility issues, enabling faster and more precise printing and the creation of higher-quality works. 
  • Same size as Raspberry Pi, an ideal choice for Pi projects 
    The same size as Raspberry Pi, it is compatible with your existing projects. 
  • Support for a wide range of projects
    It can meet different requirements in various fields, including artificial intelligence, smart home, 3D printers, intelligent charging systems, educational terminals, and advanced toys, while possessing powerful development capabilities. 
  • Two power supply options and network connection methods
    Supports direct power supply via USB-C 5V or DC12-24V, convenient for use with 3D printer power supply. Onboard RJ45 interface supports 100M wireless network for stronger and more stable signals.
  • Comprehensive interface, unimpeded creativity.
    40-pin GPIO, 4×USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and other comprehensive interfaces allow smooth implementation of your creative ideas.


Product name

Bigtreetech BTT Pi

Product size



Allwinner H616, Quad-core Coretex-A53@1.5GHz


Mail G31 MP2, Support Open GL3.2




Standard 40-pin GPIO Header

Input Power

DC 5V±5%/2A via USB Type-c Port
DC 12V-24V via the Screw Terminals

Output Voltage


Audio Output

3.5mm Jack,HDMI

The Video

Purchase Recommendation

The BTT Pi is a versatile device that not only supports compatibility with various motherboard series but also offers seamless integration with different extruders, screens, and peripheral devices. This provides users with a wider range of options, enhancing their overall experience. Additionally, it can be paired with cloud-based 3D printing, enabling users to enjoy an ultimate 3D printing solution.

Solution 1:

When paired with the U2C Module, BTT PI enables CAN communication, eliminating the need for a direct connection between the mainboard and the SB EBB CAN bus board, thereby simplifying the wiring of the extruder. Additionally, the SB EBB board interfaces can also be connected to KNOMI, which supports DIY custom images/emoticons. This enhances playability while providing convenient monitoring of the printer's status.

Solution 2:

BTT PI is compatible with SKR MINI E3 V3.0 and most other 3D printer motherboards that originally used Marlin firmware. It is the most cost-effective solution for upgrading to Klipper firmware. This combination is designed for Marlin users to upgrade and run Klipper, and it offers unparalleled cost efficiency, higher speeds, and unwavering operational stability. It is an ideal choice for printers with I3-based structures like the Ender 3.

 Advantages of BTT Pi + Cloud 3D Printing:

The ultimate 3D printing solution, combining BTT Pi and Cloud 3D Print, offers a wide range of exceptional functionalities and advantages. Firstly, it provides cloud-based 3D printing, enabling users to effortlessly print from any location. Additionally, this combination offers remote access capabilities, allowing individuals to conveniently control and monitor their print jobs through the Internet. Furthermore, it incorporates powerful slicing and control tools, facilitating precise adjustment of print settings and enabling intelligent and efficient printing processes. Lastly, it integrates cutting-edge AI detection technology to identify and address potential print issues in real-time, ensuring optimal print quality and stability. By combining the BTT Pi hardware, this solution guarantees quick and seamless setup within seconds. Moreover, the first 100 subscribers can enjoy exclusive benefits, including a 2-year subscription and discounts of up to 75%. BIGTREETECH prioritizes secure and convenient access to users' print projects from anywhere, complemented by exceptional global customer support. Through a steadfast commitment to regular improvements and innovation, the company strives to maintain a prominent position in the industry, providing users with an unparalleled 3D printing experience.

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