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May 7-9,2024(Shanghai,China)

After 3 days of enjoyable interactions with industry professionals and hobbyists, BIGTREETECH turned off the lights at our TCT Asia booth for one last time on May the 9th as the event came to a close. As a leading manufacturer, specializing in 3D printer accessories and upgrades, BIGTREETECH continuously pushes the boundaries of what people can do with their machines. At TCT Asia 2024, BIGTREETECH showcased several sets of high-speed, multi-color printing solutions, as well as a full set of upgrade accessories for Bambu Lab 3D printers. Together, let's revisit the fun and productive events that unfolded over those three days!

BIGTREETECH exhibited a total of four 3D printers: two high-speed VORON 2.4 printers; a VORON Trident equipped with an ERCF V2 multi-colour feeder; and one P1S equipped with Panda series upgrade accessories. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the BIGTREETECH parts that drive them.



The VORON 2.4 shown in the images below and on display at TCT uses the Manta M8P V2+CB2 integrated board solution. By combining the board running the Linux operating system and the 3D printing motherboard the resulting solution is extremely compact and simple to install with far fewer wires. Let’s dig a bit deeper into how the solution works.


Manta M8P V2.0

The machine was sporting a Manta M8P V2.0 which uses a 550MHz high-performance MCU that offers plenty of gutsy power for high speed printing. It supports motor drive voltages of up to 60V, allowing the use of high-performance stepper motor drivers. The mainboard provides rich IO interfaces for easy integration of a variety of sensors.



Bringing crunching power to the table was the new BIGTREETECH CB2 which uses the Rockchip RK3566 – a quad-core A55 processor with a frequency of up to 1.8GHz. With a memory storage combination of 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, it runs the Klipper firmware effortlessly with snappy response times. Operating system images are available in with Debian or Ubuntu, with or without Klipper pre-installed.

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The Pink Panther

Another VORON 2.4 also attracted many curious visitors with its "impressive appearance" and stole the show at the BIGTREETECH booth. The BIGTREETECH team was thrilled to see how the DIY community appreciates the ability to produce a machine that has a personal stamp of ‘self’. From DIY veterans to novices, this machine captured the attention and imaginations of those who want to impart their own personality into their hobby or work.


VORON Trident

With multi-color printing receiving widespread attention, this Trident running ERCF V2 was a real hit with the crowd. As the recommended control board for the ERCF V2 project, the BIGTREETECH MMB multi-color control board was already very familiar to many attendees. With 11 limit interface ports; 4 motor driver sockets; I2C; servo interfaces; and other rich IO interfaces providing a powerful and stable base for DIY multi-color projects, it’s little wonder why everyone loves it.


Panda Series

BIGTREETECH provides a complete set of upgrade accessories for Bambu series printers, specially designed to improve user experience and print quality. The Panda Flow CHT captured the attention of many and received an enthusiastic response. We look forward to sharing even more new products from the BIGTREETECH Panda range with you all.

IMG_7228 拷贝.jpg__PID:c2a565af-7a4b-4570-95a1-35b34b15f1a8

"Wall-Mounted" 3D Printer

To help users easily understand the operating principles of printers, we created a wall-mounted 3D printer. This broken down (quite literally) demonstration of a 3D printer helped everyone to quickly understand the installation positions and functions of various components.


The wall mounted printer was controlled via both a touch screen and the new BIGTREETECH HBB. The HBB is a small board that features a series of buttons that trigger macros within Klipper. These buttons were used to perform functions on the wall mounted printer that allowed users to easily interact with it.


The wall mounted printer was driven using the new generation high-performance eight-axis mainboard – The KRAKEN. It includes 8 high-performance stepper motor drivers, supported by large capacitors and high-power MOSFETs. It can reach a maximum drive current of 8A, while reducing heat by a whopping 52% compared to similar products. The MCU is a high-performance STM32H723ZGT6 with a frequency of up to 550MHz. It supports Klipper, Marlin and RRF firmware, and is one of the most powerful mainboards on the market.


With the selection wall (below the wall mounted printer), users could easily check out our range of mainboards, displays, tool boards and drivers. Magnetic mounts made it simple for users to remove the products and reapply them once done and QR codes took users directly to the product information websites.


Application of Development Boards

You may have noticed that all product displays at our booth were accompanied by a BIGTREETECH Pi 2+HDMI7.

IMG_7218 拷贝.jpg__PID:8b226055-ab01-4fc0-ab27-ad061dab4120

The BIGTREETECH Pi 2 is based on the Rockchip RK3566, providing rich IO interfaces and beefy performance. It can be used as a development board, SBC (single-board computer), small server, printer host and many other applications. With a pre-installed Linux system and seamlessly demonstrated image, audio and video playback, web browsing, etc., viewers were treated with an interactive and informative experience.


Over the three days, the booth welcomed many, including: fellow makers; friends; group members; industry experts; and even media friends from popular 3D printing outlets. 3D Printing enthusiasts shared valuable insights, as well as exchanged thoughts and ideas on technical issues and industry trends. Each discussion drives us to innovate and improve, keeping pace with the industry, and bringing more exciting products and services to the 3D printing community. BIGTREETECH will always be committed to innovation and providing leading products and professional services.


Our goal is to continue making outstanding contributions to the development of DIY 3D printing empowering users to upgrade, modify and, most of all, have fun with BIGTREETECH and 3D printing! We look forward to doing it all again at next year’s TCT!


See You Soon!

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