Warranty period

1)The machine is guaranteed for 1 year, except for wearing parts and gifts.

2)The warranty period of wearing parts (spring steel plate, soft magnetic sticker, heat sink, etc.) is 6 months.

3)Gifts (TF card, USB cable, wrench, pliers, shovel, etc.) have no warranty period. If there are missing gifts or quality problems according to the machine list, you can contact the company to apply for replacement or replacement within 3 days.

Warranty during the warranty period

After the company's investigation, if there is a quality problem, the company provides free repair or reissue service; if the non-quality problem is caused by man-made reasons, the customer shall bear the corresponding replacement parts cost.

Out-of-warranty maintenance

The customer shall bear all costs incurred during the maintenance process, such as labor costs, accessories costs, packaging costs, and round-trip freight. The specific cost is subject to the company's quotation list.