March 2, 2022

New Release - Raspberry Pad 5 LCD for 3D Printer

BIGTREETECH Raspberry Pad 5 is the first maker-centric CM4 breakout board with an integrated display. Compact and versatile enough, it is convenient to use compared to a regular Raspberry Pi mounted to a display. It also includes peripherals not found on a standard Raspberry pi, offering flexible expansion options for users.


  • 5''Capacitive touch screen, responsive, wide viewing angle
  • Compact form factor with Klipper support
  • Simplified installation with CM4 standard connectors
    Convenient to use compared to regular Raspberry Pi.
  • Extensive interfaces, greater flexibility
    RTC interface with battery socket, CAN Bus interface, 40 PIN GPIO headers, USB 2 connectors, USB-C OTG interface, HDMI output.
  • Wide range of applications
    a. For 3D printers with USB or CANBus interfaces.
    b. Applications outside of 3D printing. E.g. Smart home system, flight trackers, smart photo albums, wall calendar, etc...  


Product nameRaspberry Pad 5
Edge to edge size
Mounting hole to hole size
Viewable screen size
Input voltage for power
USB-C, 5±0.25V
Capacitive touch controller
IC-GT911, Structure: G+G

The Video

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