BIQU and the International Cultural Industries Fair: 

A Collision of Technology and Culture.

BIQU Innovation Technology had the pleasure of participating in the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair held at the Tian'an Cloud Park for Digital Creativity on May 24, 2024,.

Here’s a little about BIQU: Established in 2015 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, BIQU boasts a professional research and development team, a strong engineering team, and an excellent after-sales team – all aligned to ensure that every maker has a high-quality creative experience. BIQU is committed to maintaining our global leadership as the preferred source of desktop 3D printer upgrades and accessories.

Boasting a global distribution network that has been built up over 9 years, our products have been sold in over 100 countries and regions and are carried by over 200 global agents and distributors. This allows us to provide our 3D printing equipment, accessories, and solutions to a vast number of global creators. Our over 1 million loyal customers source our products through platforms such as: Amazon; Aliexpress; Ebay; Tmall; and many more mainstream e-commerce platforms. This aligns well with the theme of this International Cultural Industries Fair: "Gathering of Digital Creativity, International Branding, Winning the Future Together."


One of the key attractions at the show was a 3D printer built by an engineer in Shenzhen using BIQU products. To help attendees understand the capabilities of 3D printing technology, BIQU also collaborated with 3D printing farmers to display many of their printing models. The on-site visitors were enthralled with what they saw which, as anyone who has come to love introducing 3D printing technology to others can attest to, is always satisfying.

BIQU’s Sales Manager accepted an interview invitation from the organizers and discussed points relating to the company's planning, group services, and future development prospects. The key takeaway: at BIQU, we will never stop innovating and bringing our customers products that add genuine functionality and enjoyment to their workflow.


During the exhibition, BIQU was also proud to host our own livestream themed "BIGTREETECH Anniversary Celebration and May New Product Releases" – and we were thrilled to have several influencers and farmers join us.

During the stream we were also able to invite several users to join us to engage in a productive discussion about what they want to see in future products and what type of products they consider valuable. We love these sorts of interactions not only because we love making things but because we love to hear how people are using the things that we make, to make amazing things. We eagerly look forward to meeting more makers and technology enthusiasts at future shows!



Where Can I Get More Information?

3D printers are hot selling around the world. Here are the BIQU Support Center, Community, and Download Center, where you can search about 3D printers' news or problems solution. If you have any questions, welcome to submit a request to our official website, we will soon settle your problem.

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Now There are Some General Tips for You!

1) You could ask for some advice from a person whom you know, with a fund of professional 3D printer knowledge.

2) If you want to purchase BIGTREETECH & BIQU products, welcome to view BIQU Store!

3) There are some labs, workshops, and maker spaces, where 3D printers are available for trial.

4) You should choose the fittest 3D printer on your own eventually. Considering your demands, work environments, and finances.

5) Whichever company or products you would like to select, please remember to know their sales service and technology support, and even the quality of the accessories and filaments, for they may be an expensive payment. 

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