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BIGTREETECH SFS V2.0 revolutionizes your 3D printing experience, redefining it entirely. This exceptional solution amalgamates advanced functionalities, optimizing your printing process for unparalleled performance and seamless usability. Integrated within are four vital detection features, including real-time monitoring for nozzle clogs, filament depletion, filament entanglement, and extruder malfunctions. With support for multiple firmware types, user-friendly operation, and compatibility across various mainboards, its compact design elevates both installation convenience and space utilization. The SFS V2.0, with its exceptional performance and comprehensive functionalities, introduces a brand-new 3D printing experience. Whether for professional users or enthusiasts, it stands as an optimal choice, providing enduring momentum and boundless possibilities for your creative endeavors.


  • Four major detection functions
    Nozzle clogging, filament runout, filament entanglement, and extruder faults.
  • Real-time status indication
    During normal printing: Blue light flashes, red light off. Material shortage: Red light on, blue light on or off. Material blockage (nozzle clog): Blue light on or off, red light off.
  • Firmware support
    Compatible with Klipper, Marlin, and RepRap firmware.
  • Bidirectional feeding
    No need to distinguish between the inlet and outlet of the filament, enabling fast, convenient installation, and flexible placement for maximum space utilization.
  • Photoelectric sensing technology
    The theoretical detection length is 2.88mm, more precise.
  • Three mounting holes
    The back is designed with three screw holes for easy installation and fixation when combined with printed parts.
  • Smaller size and lighter weight
    Enhances installation convenience and space utilization while maintaining printing speed and precision.
  • Broad compatibility
    Compatible with mainboards featuring I/O ports (limit switches, filament detection, BLTouch, FWS, etc.).
  • Unique design and outstanding performance
    SFS V2.0 is carefully designed with a unique appearance, combining aesthetics and practicality to add enjoyment to your 3D printing process.


Product name

Bigtreetech SFS V2.0

Product size


Rated Voltage


Operating Principle

Encoder + Pulley Assembly + Microswitch

Detection Length


Filament Diameter




Mounting Holes

Three pre-drilled holes on the back

Mounting Hole Spacing


The Video

Purchase Recommendation

SFS V2.0 is a multifunctional product that not only supports compatibility with various mainboards but also seamlessly integrates with different types of screens, controllers, and other accessories. This provides users with more choices and further enhances the overall user experience. This exceptional solution brings together an array of advanced features, optimizing the printing process to ensure outstanding performance and a convenient user experience, allowing users to experience a more comprehensive 3D printing solution.

Solution 1:

This is an upgrade package for Ender 3 users. The feature of silent printing detection not only ensures a noiseless printing process but also contributes to an enhanced tactile experience for users. By seamlessly integrating this technology, users can enjoy a quieter environment while printing, while also being able to physically engage with the printing process, thereby adding a new dimension to their overall interaction with the device.

Solution 2:

This is another upgrade package for an Ender 3 user. Opt for the Klipper upgrade to enhance cost-effectiveness. By switching to Klipper firmware, you achieve efficient 3D printing without overspending. Klipper's open-source nature maintains print quality while saving on costs. Enjoy faster processing times for improved productivity and better returns on investment. 

Solution 3:

This is an upgrade package for a Voron 2.4 user. Introducing a rapid and streamlined hardware solution for Klipper firmware, now equipped with integrated filament detection support. This solution offers a hassle-free setup process, ensuring a quick transition to Klipper's advanced capabilities while benefiting from the added advantage of filament detection. Experience enhanced 3D printing efficiency and reliability with our comprehensive hardware solution. 

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