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Fast-track your journey from prototype to mass production with BTT Fusion. Specializing in 3D printer main control components, proudly featuring the BIGTREETECH brand.

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  • Cutting-Edge PCB Fabrication and Instant Online Quoting
  • Experience Unmatched Quality: Complimentary Design for Manufacture (DFM) review for every order
    Premium Solutions: Ensuring industrial-standard reliability
    Advanced Capabilities: Offering HDI, 30 layers, IPC Class 3, Rogers materials, Rigid-Flex options, and more

  • Seamless Turnkey PCB Assembly
  • Your All-in-One Hub for PCB Manufacturing, Parts Procurement, and Assembly Quality Assurance: Enjoy free DFA review and functional testing for one piece Secure Pre-Purchase Component Storage at BTT's Facilities until Needed Leverage our Mature Supply Chain Management and Global Sourcing Expertise Benefit from Over 10 SMT Assembly Lines and 12 Years of In-House Proficiency Global Shipping, On the House

  • Access the Open Parts Library (OPL)
  • Tap into Locally Available Parts for Speedier and Cost-Effective PCBA
    Turnkey PCBA in as Little as 7 Working Days

  • Introducing Laser PCB Stencils for Precision
  • Professionally Crafted SMT Stencils Laser-Cut to IPC-7525 Standards Delivering the same excellence for your 3D printer main control components, proudly featuring the BIGTREETECH brand.

OEM/ODM Excellence and Tailored Design Services

  • Custom OEM/ODM Solutions
  • With decades of seasoned ODM & OEM expertise, our skilled engineers and product specialists excel in delivering customized solutions for renowned open-source hardware platforms such as Voron, Ratrig, Lulzbot, and more. Through BTT's robust customization and manufacturing services, we're poised to transform your product vision into reality. Leveraging BTT's comprehensive industrial capabilities encompassing design, manufacturing, testing, certification, global distribution, and marketplace integration.

  • Expert PCB Layout
  • Proficient PCB layout services complemented by manufacturing support Comprehensive schematic capture and PCB library creation
    Elevate your 3D printer main control components with our offerings, proudly showcasing the BIGTREETECH brand.

Mechanical Ingenuity

  • 3D Printing
  • Discover a diverse array of materials and methods: SLA, SLM, SLS, MFJ printing for nylon, SLA, stainless steel, and more. Our commitment to professional finishing ensures that only the highest-grade materials are utilized.

  • CNC Milling
  • From enclosures to structural parts, injection molding, and beyond – we provide mechanical parts for all applications. Materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, sheet metal, ABS, acrylic, and more are expertly employed.

  • Kitting Service
  • Forge your own electronics kit with as few as 5 kits. Enjoy the flexibility to customize contents, printed materials, and packaging to suit your preferences.

Expanding Sales Avenues

  • Seamless Integration with BTT Co-Create
  • Unlock the simplest route to amplify your ingenious concepts and skills. All authorized ventures, spanning hardware, software, tutorials, or comprehensive products, will be prominently showcased on the BTT store. They can be featured individually or seamlessly combined with BTT's own products for sale. In return, you'll secure a share of the generated profits. Our quest is for distinctive projects that deeply resonate with BTT's community, address tangible real-world issues, cater to unique niches, and ignite boundless inspiration and ingenuity.

  • Global Outreach Channels
  • Access a wide-reaching audience of kindred spirits, customers, and distributors via BTT's robust network and influential social media presence.


Our Offerings

Experience our comprehensive range of R&D services, facilitating swift progression from Concept to Production.

Tailored logo customization for the exterior, offering options for color and mechanical features.

We provide tailored hardware and software solutions, driving innovation through personalized experiences.

Navigating certifications for various regions and specific purposes.

Concept to Market

4 - 20 weeks

Proven and Trusted Expertise


Countries Served


Prototypes Built Each Year


Customers Served


Projects Served


Just as Klipper has transformed 3D printer software, BIGTREETECH has helped transform 3D printer electronics, and it is at the forefront of 3D printer hardware. 

The H2 V2S Revo is an All-in-one extruder combining the bestselling extruder from Biqu and E3D’s all new RapidChange Revo ecosystem, to bring the user the perfect balance of performance, light weight, useability, and easy maintenance. 

More than just manufacturing

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