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Established in 2015, BIGTREETECH has become one of the most popular 3D printer brands among global creators. With excellent technology and deep customer insights, it has become the fashion leader on the mainboard of 3D printers. Yet the company has experienced a tortuous development.

Eric, a university graduate, and the creator had always been dreaming of assembling a 3D printer by his hand. Having done some research in the market, he found that there was no suitable mainboard for a 3D printer. He also noticed that he was not the only one with such a need: he had been spending much time on forums and other social media for creators, knowing that many creators complained about the lack of a good mainboard. With a national scholarship of 5000 RMB, he made an important decision.

In Shenzhen, the city known as Chinese Silicon Valley, he founded his company and registered the trademark “BIGTREETECH”, and later engaged himself in the research and development of the mainboard for 3D printers. The initial start-up was a tiny office of about 2 ㎡, with no desks and no chairs. Eric says, “I can’t recall how many consecutive days I had stayed up for at that time. When I was hungry I ate instant noodles and when I got problems I asked for help in the forum for creators. What was astonishing was that I didn’t feel tired at all because I was doing things I loved and more importantly I was trying to solve an urgent problem that had troubled global creators for so long.”

Fashion leader and industry pioneer

“It matters to never forget why you started, but the process is full of challenges,” says Eric. After two-year efforts, BIGTREETECH launched an innovative series of quite a drive products: Trinamic, which has greatly boosted the widespread application of quiet drive in the industry and successfully led the new fashion. The following innovative product-the very first 32-bit 3D printer mainboard in the industry SKR V1.3 has radically changed the previous mainstream 8-bit configuration, set new standards for the industry, and contributed to the coming of a new stage with great investment potential in this industry. By doing so, the standing of BIGTREETECH as a fashion leader has been further strengthened.

BIGTREETECH is always on the road!

BIGTREETECH has always been on the way to solving the pain points for creators, meeting their demands, and offering an excellent experience of creation for them.



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In 2022, BIGTREETECH has a new transformation, with stronger performance and cooler appearance.


The company has received an invitation to TCT Asia 2021 and Formnext 2021. The globalization of the brand has been in process. To solve pain points from high-end creators, successively launched Octopus V1.1, Octopus pro. The sales of the mainboard series and touch screen series have been stable among the top in the industry


The company launched the updated version which later was widely recognized by the market: SKR V1.4 Turbo, with greater performance than the previous version.


The company launched SKR Mini E3 V2.0 to meet the creator's desire for creation as fully as possible. The company arranged the operation of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, continuously strengthening engagement in digital marketing. 


As a fashion leader, the company launched the very first 32-bit 3D printer mainboard in the industry: SKR V1.3, which radically changed the previous mainstream 8-bit configuration and set new standards for the industry. It has contributed to the coming of a new stage with great investment potentials in this industry.


The company launched a series of Trinamic quiet drive products, greatly boosting the wide application of quiet drive in the industry.


The establishment of BIQU[bi:][kju:] and the registration of the BIGTREETECH trademark symbolize the launch of the BIGTREETECH brand and its foray into the 3D printer motherboard industry.



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