June 30th, 2023

BIGTREETECH: Breaking Boundaries at MRRF 2023

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you in this blog post: BIGTREETECH, as a leading 3D printing pioneer in China, participated in the Midwest RepRap Festival 2023 held in the United States. This exhilarating event brought together the industry's finest talents, and we are delighted to have been a part of it.  We greatly appreciate the opportunity to showcase our innovative technology to the world and to have met some of the fellow makers that we admire so much.

What is the Midwest RepRap Festival?

The Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) is one of the largest, maker centric, 3D printing exhibitions in the world and attracts 3D printing enthusiasts, manufacturers, and technical experts from around the globe each year. Distinct from trade shows, the RepRap Festival is organized by volunteers with the aim of sharing their passion for 3D printing with everyone.

As one of the prominent 3D printing companies in China, our goal has always been to advance the development of 3D printing technology and apply it across various industries. As makers ourselves, we want to see the technology constantly improving so that it can reach more and more households and businesses globally. Given our maker roots and passion for moving the industry forward, participating in MRRF is a significant milestone in our company history, allowing us to connect with the international community and showcase our products to them.

Exhibition Process

During the exhibition, we took the time to connect with many members of the community. Additionally, we showcased our latest 3D printing developments including our new SBC Raspberry pi alternative range, 3D printer models and innovative accessories. In addition to being impressed with the innovation shown by many of the makers who were presenting their work we also took the chance to demonstrate the technological prowess and innovation capabilities of BIGTREETECH to the attendees. 

(All pictures are original pictures, even the ones where our staff look as if they are about to get up to no good.)

Our team also held many giveaway events where we were able to add to the excitement of the occasion for many makers by awarding them with prizes from our product range. One of the most popular giveaway events was the "BTT Early duck award" where our staff hid specially marked ducks around the venue and the first person to find a duck and bring it back, won the award. Look out for this same competition if you plan to be at ERRF or SMRRF later in the year!

We were eager to engage in an interchange of ideas and experiences with professionals, industry leaders, and 3D printing enthusiasts from around the world. Many often expressed how they highly appreciate our technology and products. These valuable conversations not only broadened our horizons but also deepened our understanding of the global 3D printing industry.

With the Voron Team

We were honored to have the opportunity to meet the Voron team at the exhibition and engage in in-depth technical discussions and exchanges with them. We have great admiration for the effort that they have invested into the designs that they release to the community. We also extend our sincere appreciation to all of the professionals, industry leaders, and 3D printing enthusiasts who visited us. There is a saying that "iron sharpens iron" and we most certainly felt sharpened by our interactions with these remarkably smart and passionate individuals.

Death Racer Race

During the exhibition, in addition to product showcases and technical exchanges, we also enjoyed the death race competition where 3D printed robots battled it out until the very end when only one victor emerges. We sponsored the prizes for this thrilling competition, which included an exciting 3D printer—the biqu Hurakan.

The Edge of Tech claimed the first prize in the death race competition, winning the @biqu Hurakan. He graciously chose a young participant as the recipient of his @biqu Hurakan printer, as he already had one of his own.

The End

Participating in MRRF was not only an opportunity for BIGTREETECH to showcase our technological achievements but also a vital platform to establish connections with the global 3D printing community. We forged deep collaborative relationships with other exhibitors, attendees, and partners, collectively exploring the future direction of 3D printing technology.

This exhibition also served as a valuable learning and growth experience for us. We engaged in in-depth discussions with top 3D printing companies and experts worldwide, gaining insights into their latest technologies, market trends, and industry developments. This knowledge will enable us to continuously improve and innovate, providing our customers with better products and solutions.

Through showcasing our exceptional products and technological prowess, our team has showcased the innovative capabilities and competitiveness of the 3D printing industry in China to the world. Our efforts have been recognized and appreciated, inspiring us to continue working hard, driving the development of 3D printing technology, and providing our customers with even better products and services.

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