May 19, 2022

New Release_ SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ Motherboard 

New Release SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ Motherboard BIGTREETECH 3D Printing

"Rugged and Refined." -- SKR Series

Have you still got in trouble with these problems: hard to install the driver, get finger prickled by pin headers, get a relevant slow printing speed due to low voltage, or frequently burned out the mainboard because of the wrong inserting means of the driver. Our new arrivals of SKR 3, SKR 3 EZ motherboard, and EZ driver, with a cool industrial design, can well settle down your above-mentioned problems, and will get you a better fantastic printing experience! Now, let's begin to explore the magic charm of these two motherboards! 

The Common Characteristics in SKR 3 Motherboard and SKR 3 EZ Motherboard 

a) Multiple Cooling Fans. Three CNC fans could ensure the normal operation of your printer and advance the printing quality. They expel hot air, push cold air into the enclosed space, and are generally utilized in 3 parts, that is model cooling (part cooling), pipes heat dissipation, and chassis cooling (including the mainboard and the driver and so on). 

b) Five-way motor driver interfaces, respectively are X, Y Z(double), E0, and E1, which make the working more stable. The lateral movement of the 3D printer is usually assigned to the X- and Y-axis, while the Z-axis corresponds to vertical motion. Double extruders could make you realize printing two objects at the same time, improving your work efficiency.

c) Designed with flexible connectivity, which means you can switch USB and CAN freely to connect more devices. Besides, SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ mainboard added a protective circuit for thermistors to enhance your operational safety.

d) DIY-friendly. We reserve the BOOT0 button, for the considering to easily enter the DFU mode to flash the firmware. Plus, the upgraded thermistor supports PT1000, no need for an external module. The Universal WIFI modular port (ESP12S, ESP-07, ESP32) allows using RRF firmware when you are doing DIY printing. 

e) Same Microprocessors and firmware, Both SKR 3 and SKR 3 EZ's Microprocessor is ARM Cortex-M7 CPU STM32H743VIT6. And they are compatible with three firmware, Marlin and Klipper, and RepRap, which are widely used in the 3D printing world. 

Marlin, which owns over 150 commands full-featured G-code, supports the installation of 1 heat bed and 5 extruders. Plus, 30 languages could be translated. Marlin Firmware runs on the 3D printer’s mainboard, controlling all the real-time activities of the machine. It manages the steppers, heaters, LCD display, lights, sensors, buttons, and other parts involved in the 3D printing process.

Klipper has several attractive functions. First, it can achieve over 175K or even several million step rates per second. And it supports multiple micro-controllers printers. You could directly config your file, no need to reflash the micro-controller to change a setting. Plus, it supports automatic bed leveling and common temperature sensors.

RepRap is a comprehensive motion control firmware, not only controlling 3D printers but also applicate in laser engraving or laser cutting and CNC. It supports mixing extruders and SPI-controlled stepper drivers. And it has a simulation mode, which can predict the accurate printing times.

In a word, these two mainboards will efficiently control your extruder and motor, improving your printing quality and speed. Plus, they are open-source, which you can download freely from our Support Center.

The Differences between SKR 3 Motherboard and SKR 3 EZ Motherboard

a) Different product sizes. SKR 3's product size is 110*85mm, and its installation size is 102*76mm. And SKR 3 EZ's product size is 109.7*98mm, installation size is 102*76mm.

b) Distinct High motor voltage.
SKR 3 motor voltage is from DC 12V to 24V, while SKR 3 EZ motor voltage is from 12V to 48V. You could adjust it with a jumper cap. The high voltage can extremely improve your printing speed. What's more, SKR 3 owns 2 normal fans, and the EZ version owns 3 normal fans, which can ensure the smooth operation of your printer and advance your printing quality.

c) Different connection means. In SKR 3 (and SKR 2), you could use the driver connector to use our newly designed EZ driver. While SKR 3 EZ can directly be inserted with the EZ driver, with no need for a converter. If you want to use our EZ driver for other types of mainboards, you should also collaborate with the driver connector to use the EZ driver. The EZ driver design could nicely protect your fingers from sharp pin headers. Plus, it is open-source, and freely downloaded from the BIQU Support Center. What's more, this fantastic protecting anti-plug linker design could help you safeguard your mainboard. We have received feedback that some customers burned the driver, and even cause the fire due to the wrong inserting. So we create this upgraded driver technology, giving you a safe and pleasant user experience.  







STM32H743VIT6, 480MHz

STM32H743VIT6, 480MHz

STM32F407VGT6, 168MHz

Power regulator

TPS5450, 5A

TPS5450, 5A

AOZ1284PI, 4A 

Firmware support

Marlin, Kipper, RRF

Marlin, Kipper, RRF

Marlin, RRF

New EZ socket



Individual driver voltage selection




Fan voltage selection

24V/12V/5V voltage selection
(optional external module needed for voltage selection)

24V/12V/5V voltage selection (optional external module needed for voltage selection)


Jumper selectable 4k7/1k pull up for PT1000 sensors



CAN-Bus interface


Thermistor protection

TMC Diag jumpers

Fan ports

3 PWM fans, 3 always-on fans

3 PWM fans, 2 always-on fans

3 PWM fans, 2 always-on fans

Flyback protection


Thermal runaway protection





Double Z-axis

Motor driver support

EZ5160 Pro, EZ2209, EZ2208, EZ2225, EZ2226, EZ2130, EZ6609, TMC5160, TMC2209, TMC2225, TMC2226, TMC2208, TMC2130 (Note: Using EZ drivers on the SKR 2 and SKR 3 requires the EZ adapters)

Expansion interfaces

I2C, PS-ON, PWR-DET, Fil-DET, RGB, BL Touch etc

The video

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