2022 Strategic Partnership

The cooperation between KLIPPER and BIGTREETECH makes the firmware for 3D printing enthusiasts more convenient to use and further enhances the printing experience. BIGTREETECH is committed to establishing a complete 3D printing ecosystem, hoping to bring more possibilities to the 3D printing industry,  pushing the technological advancement of 3D printers to make 3D printers faster, better and easier.

Just as Klipper has transformed 3D printer software, BIGTREETECH has helped transform 3D printer electronics, and it is at the forefront of 3D printer hardware. 

Kevin OConnor


Klipper has great potential in the future and has become one of the most popular firmware. BIGTREETECH will collaborate with Klipper to develop more excellent products! 

Eric Jan



KLIPPER is an open-source 3D printer firmware. It supports multiple micro-controllers and convinient features like "Input Shaping". Besides, It can also compatible with multiple web interfaces including Fluidd, MainSail, and Octoprint to realize LAN control. It is super powerful and has great protential. 

BIGTREETECH was created by Eric, an avid maker. We mainly sell the accessories of 3D printers, such as mainboards, displays, drivers etc. In 2018, we developed the first 32-bit mainboard, and continually launch lots of other original hot selling motherboards. Widening the component choices for 3D printing DIY hobbyists.

Most of BIGTREETECH's motherboards support the Klipper firmware to give the user more choices when selecting firmware. Klipper and BIGTREETECH will join force to develope and design more Klipper-friendly products in the future to meet the varieties of needs from the 3D printing community.

Where Can I Get More Information?

3D printers are hot selling around the world. Here are the BIQU Support Center, Community, and Download Center, where you can search about 3D printers' news or problems solution. If you have any questions, welcome to submit a request to our official website, we will soon settle your problem.

Support Center https://support.biqu3d.com

Community & Free 3D Model Files https://biqu3d.com/pages/community

Download the Firmware File https://biqu3d.com/pages/download

Submit a Request https://biqu3d.com/pages/submit-a-ticket

Now There are Some General Tips for You!

1) You could ask for some advice from a person whom you know, with a fund of professional 3D printer knowledge.

2) If you want to purchase BIGTREETECH & BIQU products, welcome to view BIQU Store!

3) There are some labs, workshops, and maker spaces, where 3D printers are available for trial.

4) You should choose the fittest 3D printer on your own eventually. Considering your demands, work environments, and finances.

5) Whichever company or products you would like to select, please remember to know their sales service and technology support, and even the quality of the accessories and filaments, for they may be an expensive payment. 

What's More

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